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Transform yourself into your best version

Sound therapy is a spiritual tool where sound and vibrations induce processes of healing, deep relaxation, connection and evolution that help you transform your Being.

At the Spanish Institution of Sound Therapy you will learn to use this practice for personal and professional use, following your own path and guiding others who seek to include sound therapy in their lives.

Pre-recorded Courses

If you are looking for an English training, you have our Pre-recorded Courses (online)
We are a community of +1000 students, let's keep growing together!


4 courses to learn how to perform sound therapies with Gongs: Meditating with the Gong, Gong Techniques, Gong Therapy and Going Deeper with the Gong.

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A course to learn to use the monochord as a harmonization instrument in sound therapies: Composition, Projection, Techniques and Mantras.

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So that you know a little bit about me....

My name is RAMJI SINGH

Founder, Teacher, Therapist, Mentor and Coach of the Spanish Institution of Sound Therapy, with more than 15 years of experience working with the power of sound, training and guiding +1000 sound souls in different parts of the world.

My focus is on reconnecting with the sound of infinity and harmonizing people's bodies, allowing them to vibrate in their own unique tone and experience significant advances in their wellbeing and consciousness.

My beginnings as a professional musician led me to discover a deeper calling, a passion to contribute in a meaningful way to humanity and future generations. This quest led me to explore and develop new healing techniques using the power of sound as a tool for healing and transformation.


You can purchase your handcrafted instrument kit with shipments to any part of the world.

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